Invented in 1991!

1991 was a big year 

The Soviet Union fell, the Internet was made available to the masses and in a little corner of the world at 514 Main Street in Evanston, The Lucky Platter was born!

Many of our guests have been coming since that beginning! 

We have daily regulars that came as kids and now are bringing their kids. It really blows our minds to watch this happen. 

If you haven't tried us yet, you are in for a treat. We make all our food in house from scratch. It is something that may be extremely difficult for a neighborhood diner to do, but it is a major part of our identity and we are committed to continuing on this tradition!

If you haven't been in a while - maybe time for you to try us out again as we are constantly looking for ways to evolve and improve. 

Whether you had your first bite of solid food here back in the nineties or a newbie, we look forward to seeing you in today!