COVID-19 Update


Well it has been a while and SOOO much has changed – thank the Goddess! Our staff is fully vaccinated and we feel so relieved. We are still wearing our masks inside and asking that our guests (yes, even the fully vaccinated ones) to have their masks on when they are inside and not at their table.

It is a wonderful thing that we are seeing (hopefully) the end of COVID here in Evanston with so many people have been vaccinated. We do ask that during this time of transition that we offer each other patience and grace through it all. It really seems as thought many people are struggling with their emotions and are not as calm and understanding than they otherwise would be. The staff here at the Lucky Platter have been through so much and we ask that our guests remember that. Thank you!


There is so much information out there as to what is safe and not safe. We here at the Platter are playing it more conservative than many because we really don't want to get too far ahead of ourselves and then have to roll everything back again.

We do have a Plattio (like that?) that seats about 35 people and we are VERY diligent of our 6 ft. spacing.We are also asking all of our guests to do their part to help keep the staff safe by wearing masks anytime a Platter employee approaches the table.We are NOT WEARING GLOVES when serving tables as the science shows that, unless the server is changing gloves virtually after every table, consistently washing hands is actually safer. We understand that the optics may be better with gloves, but we would rather BE safer as opposed to just APPEARING to be safe.

Whether or not we open up inside is still up for debate. We have fabricated a bunch of plexi glass to strategically place throughout the dining room and are in that process now. Depending on the numbers around Chicago in the next month or so we may venture into that territory. Currently Evanston has a very low number of active Covid cases – 35 as it stands right now. That is very encouraging and we are hoping to see that number drop so that we can start to welcome guests in!



Hey all, first of all let me say thank you so much for all the orders and gift card purchases this past week. It is very clear that the community wants us to make it and we feel overwhelmed by that honor. In order for us to do this we need to adapt on a nearly day to day basis. While trying to anticipate order levels we are figuring out our own food stock and labor to compliment it. So for the time being our hours will be as follows:


FRIDAY – SATURDAY 10:30am-8pm

SUNDAY 9:30am-2pm (this is our One Day of Brunch! please help us keep brunch going by ordering!)

These are subject to change depending on the pandemic.

In an effort to put less stress on staff preparation, we are offering our lunch and dinner menus only at this time. The breakfast menu will be available one day a week – Sunday. Please email us at with any questions and we truly thank you for your patience during all of this.

Please be safe and keep your social distance in the physical world – but we invite you to keep up with us in the virtual world on Instagram, Facebook and if you subscribe to our newsletter (available on this website).

thank you for checking in and we look forward to feeding you soon!


Derek Gaspar – Owner



To the most wonderful guests ever:

Aside from feeding you delicious housemade comfort food, your safety, the safety of our staff and our social responsibility is the core of our mission. Given the current severity of the situation with COVID-19 it has become clear to us here at the Platter that it is in everyone's best interest (both our staff's and our guests') to close our dining room for service.

WE WILL REMAIN OPEN for carryout and delivery.

This has not been an easy decision. We are following the recommendations coming from the WHO, CDC, the Governor, the Mayor as well as looking to situations in Italy, France, Spain, China, Korea and domestically, Seattle for examples as to what has/is working best in this fight against the spread of the virus. It is clear to us that the sooner we take serious measures to slow this spread, the better it will be for us all in the long run #learnfromothers #webelievethescientists.

We realize that during this time of uncertainty we all need to eat and that is the Platter's main reason for existing! WE WILL REMAIN OPEN for carryout and delivery for adjusted hours posted below. Delivery will be free within a mile radius from the Platter and our door will be open for carryout service. During this time we will accept delivery orders over the phone at 847-869-4064.

We will use this time to deep clean the restaurant and prepare for a reopening of our dining room for what we hope will be our busiest spring/summer season ever… here's hoping 😉

If you have any questions please email us at We will respond as quickly as we can.

Thank you so very much and we hope you all will enjoy some Platter takeout. Be safe out there.


Please check our Instagram and Facebook account for the most recent updates. You can also sign up for our newsletter here on our website. We will send updates as circumstances change.

Most Sincerely,

DerekOwner, The Lucky Platter